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14 June 2018 Bill 0 comments

The whale watching season is on again in Moreton Bay with tours available from Tangalooma Resort. Guaranteed viewings of whales and a delicious lunch on board the 3 hour tour, you are in for new discoveries and memories to last a lifetime!

Whale watching in Australia is a popular recreational pursuit and a tourist activity along various coasts. Whaling in Australia took place from 1788 to 1978 and was once commercially successful. The Australian Whale Sanctuary was established in 1999 to protect dolphins and whales from hunting. Humpback whales are the most common species seen in the waters surrounding Australia

Whale watchers are restricted to approaches as close as 300 metres (984 ft) in order to protect the animals.

In eastern Australia, whale watching occurs in many spots along the Pacific coast. From headlands, whales may often be seen making their migration south. At times, whales even make it into Sydney Harbour.

One particular whale, which is suspected to be albino, receives special attention due to its all-white appearance. Migaloo was first spotted in 1991 in the waters off Byron Bay in 2004, skin samples were taken by researchers interested in the whale’s genetics. Queensland and New South Wales both have laws stipulating that watchers must stay at least 500 m from Migaloo.

The entire Queensland east coast is a great location to see many species of whales and dolphins. For example the humpback whale can be found along almost the entire Queensland coast during their migration season between July and September.

Moreton Bay
Moreton Bay was once a whaling station due to the amount of humpback whales passing the area. Today Moreton Bay has moved from a whaling station to a whale watching station. Whale watching season is on again at Moreton Island and you might be fortunate enough to see MIGALOO!

Go on a whale tour and stay with Moreton Island Accommodation to enjoy the experience.




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